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Thankful for My Clients!

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I decided to write a blog thanking my clients. I have the best clients in the world and appreciate them and their loyalty. In return I do my very best to make sure their massage is pleasant and the results effective.

When I first started at Pathways Chiropractic, the schedule was all over the place! People would call an hour, or even half-an-hour, ahead and want to get right in! I put a stop to that right away. I am not the kind of person who can switch gears rapidly. I like to meditate and prepare for each client that comes in. It is difficult to work on someone when I'm stressed out, hungry or slightly annoyed.  It just doesn't translate well into a good massage. I prefer to be in the zone, calm, confident and reassuring to my clients when they are on my table. I like to be present with them and focus solely on their needs/issues. When someone RUNS into an appointment, they are also not in a place where healing can take place! Their stress level is too high. It works so much better when a client takes the time to schedule an appointment, comes in relaxed and in the mindset for a healing, relaxing massage.

I also feel like clients who bully their way in, or make last minute appointments are the least reliable clients on the planet. Often times they don't even show up after stressing and fussing about getting right in. These people, in my mind, are not ready for massage and are even a little self-centered. I don't want to attract clients like that.

My clients book a massage and plan ahead. They come in with a mindset and are ready to receive a healing massage. Both my client and I are in sync with each other so it’s a relaxed, healthy way to enjoy the massage session.

I have a wonderful rapport with my clients, and the more they come in, the more effective the massage is. I listen carefully to what they are telling me and try to address the issues they have. I also let my hands guide me to tight spots and knots and often clients will say, "just work on what you find." I feel the bond between massage therapist and client is a unique relationship and we work together to make things better

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