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Plantar Fascitis

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Plantar Fascitis (PF) is a very painful condition of the heel and plantar fascia. I struggled with plantar fascitis for about 4 years - a long time to be in pain. Pain can disrupt your whole life and make everyday tasks annoying and even agonizing. As a massage therapist I can tell you that plantar fascitis needs more than massage to alleviate pain and discomfort.

The following is my experience in resolving PF. You're welcome to share any remedy that worked for you. Everyone is different and has their own remedy for this condition. Never stop trying to find a cure, what worked for me may not work for everyone; but it might get you started on the path to healing that heel.

Initially I went to a podiatrist who insisted I wear orthotics/inserts he had in his office. He told me if I didn't wear them I'd be back in to see him for PF pain. He also injected my heel with cortisone. The shot did nothing to ease the pain and the inserts were excruciating! I called twice about the increased pain but was told me to wait. Well I refused to wait and removed the orthotics. I also refused to accept his "diagnosis" that PF would never be cured. I can say with confidence that Plantar Fascitis CAN be cured! I have NO MORE HEEL PAIN and can walk, run and work without pain!

In the course of trying to heal my PF, I must have tried every wrap, night splint, boot, insert and shoes on the market. I made a wish list on Amazon just for PF! I tried #Penetrex cream which provided some relief at night but didn't cure my PF. I ended up going to an orthopedic lab and footcare center where they evaluated my gait and gave me some inserts with a little support and cushion which actually fit in my shoes/sneakers. Those inserts allowed me to run a bit more comfortably with my dog during agility trials, but the pain persisted and I was taking Aleve at night regularly.

So what finally cured my Plantar Fascitis?

  • REST - a full 2 weeks off from work

  • Calf Stretches

  • Kuru sneakers

Rest: I took 2 full weeks off from work and stayed off my feet as much as possible. People with PF are expected to continue to do everything they normally do, even as their bodies are saying, in no uncertain terms, to take a break! Honestly, if you sprained a knee or wrist you need to rest it. So rest your feet! Let your body do what it needs to heal. You can help facilitate the healing by doing calf stretches.

Calf Stretches: Often times PF is caused by tight calf muscles! I changed my body mechanics while giving massages so I can stretch my calves periodically while working. Then I stretched them some more. Believe it or not the simple calf stretch is super effective at relieving PF pain, and it costs nothing! Works better than a cortisone shot and you can do anywhere, anytime!

Kuru Sneakers: I was skeptical that Kuru sneakers would fix my PF, but I was desperate. I had tried a number of highly regarded (and expensive) shoes and sandals without success, but I thought, "It's worth one more try to get rid of this pain." After a few days of wearing my Kuru’s, my PF pain was GONE! Just simply gone. Work and life was much, much happier! I can now RUN with my dog in agility without pain. Life is great!

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