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Massage Therapy for Headache Relief

Massage therapy in the hands of a skillful massage therapist can relieve headaches cause by stress or tight neck, jaw or sub-occipital muscles. Constant stress can, over time, create a stress headache. The nicest thing you can do is see a massage therapist. Massage increases the parasympathetic nervous system which is your body's mechanism for relaxation. If you're busy, your body just can't kick into that relaxed state for healing to happen.

Massaging the upper trapezius, splenius capitis, scalenes and levator scapulae muscles can bring soothing stress relief. Make sure to also tell the massage therapist where it feels tight so they can hit the right spot.

Another great area to massage is along the jaw.  Often times TMJ can contribute to headaches, especially if you grind your teeth at night or if your jaw is misaligned. A regular client came to me for migraines. The medical profession could not offer my client any relief except pain relievers which did little to dull the pain. After speaking to the client for just 2 minutes, I figured out the migraines were coming from her jaw.  My client had been in an accident awhile ago and injured her jaw. After one TMJ treatment the client had much needed relief. Now I have a regular, happy client.

Home remedies:

COLD PACKS! I find cold packs on the back of the neck between base of scalp and neck, and another cold pack on the forehead work magic! Sitting in a quiet room and doing some deep breathing with the cold packs can be enough to quiet down a tension headache. Drinking more water can also be helpful, as you may be dehydrated.

Self Massage: Find a sore spot on your neck or upper trapezius muscle.  Press and hold the spot for a full 20 seconds, then slowly release and repeat two more times. Move to another spot and repeat. I have relieved my own neck tension using this method. Stretch lightly after you're done.

Massage can do wonders for relieving headaches!

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