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Massage Therapist Salary

I had a client recently who didn't have cash or a check, I usually take payment after the massage. I told her she could bring the money in next time she was in for a chiropractic adjustment (I rent a room in the chiropractor’s building). I saw her about a week later waiting for her adjustment. She still didn't have cash or a check! She also had the nerve to ask for another massage appointment. I was pretty livid. In my 10 years of doing massage, nothing like this has ever happened.

Because I rent a room at the chiropractor’s office, many clients assume I work FOR him. I actually rent the room and work for myself. My hours coincide with his hours so clients can get a massage and then get adjusted. It works very well and I get many referrals from the chiropractor. Sort of a team approach to healing.

However, many people, like the client above, don't even consider that I make a living giving massages. This is how I make my money. I can't be giving away massages. I need to pay rent, supplies, laundry plus make my mortgage payment with my job!

Please be considerate and conscious of your massage therapist and pay them when the service is performed. You don't know what their financial situation is so please don't take advantage or assume they are being paid some other way.

Some massage therapists that work at spas make very little money - anywhere from $12 to $20 an hour giving massages. It's not a lucrative business unless you work for yourself, and then you have to really work at client retention and advertising.

Can you imagine any other place of business you can walk in and get away with NOT paying?

END RANT... I really love my job and am blessed with wonderful clients.

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